Photo Gallery

A selection of pictures of Birch and its amenities.

Birch Cross

Remembrance Sunday 2017 at Birch Cross
Remembrance Sunday Service at Birch Cross, 2017.
Photo © Geoff Russell Grant 2017

Birch Church of England Primary School

Birch Primary School
Information about our village school can be found
on the Birch School website.

Birch Memorial Hall

Birch Memorial Hall
The centre of Birch's community life and activities
See the Village Hall page for information about its facilities and hiring.

Pudding Lane

Pudding Lane
Pudding Lane, looking across to St Peter's Church.

Birch Gallery

Birch Gallery
The Gallery of our local watercolour artist, John Harrison.
For more information visit

Birch Play Area

Play equipment at Birch Play Area
Play Area and Equipment as at 2011
Photo © Chris Harvey 2011

The village's Play Area, situated between Luard Way and Greenfield Houses, features an excellent selection of high quality play equipment. Following the opening of the latest phase of Birch Parish Council's 'Play Area Project' in June 2011, all age groups, from tots to teenagers, are now catered for. The recently added play equipment, following a similar expansion of facilities in 2008, was made possible by funding grants of over £30,000.

Luard Way

Luard Way
Luard Way, caught in the icy blast of winter.
Photo ©Rod Evans 2010

Old Birch

A corner of Old Birch
A quiet hidden corner of Old Birch.

Layer Breton Church

St Mary's Church, Layer Breton
The Church of St Mary the Virgin, Layer Breton,
which serves the Parish of Layer Breton with Birch.
Photo ©Rod Evans 2010

The Hare & Hounds Public House

The Hare & Hounds
The Hare & Hounds looks out over Layer Breton Heath.
The Post Office visits here on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

School Hill

School Hill, Birch

Birch Church over the fields

Birch Church
The very rural setting of St Peter's Church, Birch.

Acknowledgements: We are grateful to Geoff Russell Grant, John Harrison, Chris Harvey and Rod Evans who submitted the photographs shown on this page. The images are copyright and may not be reproduced without the copyright holder's consent.